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Frequently asked questions.

Getting a valid psychiatric evaluation can be a difficult experience. Dr Davidsson, of The Anglo-European Clinic, has provided more than 800 reports in civil and criminal matters and has received instruction for even the most diverse questions.

What would the cost be?
The clinic charge £330 for a first time appointment and £165 thereafter at the Prittlewell House, Southend on Sea, office. Appointments at Harley Street, London are £220. Unfortunately, things are more expensive in London - public sector workers receive a 10% discount.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, we do offer a 10% discount for public sector workers i.e. serving staff in the forces, police officers, fire fighters, NHS staff etc. The reason therefore is that we do believe in society and we want to give something back.
Do you treat every kind of condition?
Yes, in principle. We do have a special interest in anxiety, depression and stress related conditions as well as Adult ADHD, however, we are happy to see people for any kinds of conditions.
Could I come without a GP referral?
Yes, you can, however, we do prefer a GP referral. The reason therefore is that the consultation might result in that a GP is asked, for instance to write prescriptions. If the GP has not been involved they might not wish to do so. I would then have to issue a private prescription which quite often is much more expensive.
How long will the consultation last?
Typically, a new consultation lasts for around 1 to 1½ hours. A follow-up consultation lasts for between half an hour to an hour. We try to set aside enough time for a thorough consultation.
How do you diagnose Adult ADHD?
An ADHD consultation usually consists of a Qb test (which costs £125) plus a first time consultation fee (£300). We combine the result of the Qb test and a clinical assessment. The Qb test is a computerised psychometric test that assesses attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These are three core components of ADHD. The results are compared with a database of approximately 1500 people. This is basically a comparative test to assess how well you are doing compared to the database.

A Qb test combined with a clinical assessment gives a good diagnostic validity i.e. it is better than just a clinical assessment. Following this, if the conclusion is that you have an adult form of ADHD, you are usually started on medication (in accordance with NICE guidelines). You will thereafter come back in a couple of weeks’ time to follow-up how the medication has worked and possibly we will have to adjust the doses. It might be necessary to have another follow-up appointment. If everything then is well, your GP will be asked to prescribe the medication (which will reduce the costs for you). You will thereafter be monitored for an approximate period of 2 years and you will come and see me every six months.
Do I need to have a Qb test for Adult ADHD?
No you don’t need to have a Qb test, but the diagnosis will be more secure if you have one. Usually I do accept previous diagnostic assessments, but if so please bring the paperwork to your first appointment.
If I need psychotherapy what will happen then?
We have access to a number of well experienced psychotherapists who are experienced within most fields of psychotherapy. You will be referred to one of these with whom I will stay in contact and you will be seen by myself for follow-up appointments as long as necessary.
What is your age limit?
Dr Davidsson sees patients above the age of 16. Patients below that age would be seen by Dr Westbury who is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Our psychological and psychiatric treatments are available at Harley Street, London and at Prittlewell House, Southend on Sea - contact one of our friendly experts on 01702 464 099 or email us at

Anglo European Clinic, Frequently Asked Questions

I have had an overall good experience with this lovely and highly skilled clinic practice. All the doctors and experts approach treatment with such courtesy and professionalism. A truly good experience to aid in my recovery to lead a normal, happy life.

Patient, Southend-on-Sea, Essex